Keeps on Running

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There was undoubtedly a time when Nike was the sneaker supreme. Then Adidas had a moment, in large part as a result of pushing hard on its heritage styles. But always there, in the background, enjoying the slow burn, has been the edgier New Balance, notably its 247 model. The beauty of this running shoe style is that the silhouette has remained a constant for the company since the style was first introduced, with the occasional tweak in materials to keep it fresh: as with this style, blending mesh and leather upper in black – making it sober enough to dress up – but with those neon accents on the sole and heel – bright enough to make it feel summery.

As for those worrying whether New Balance has credibility… it was founded back in 1906 as the New Balance Arch Company and was making running shoes before Phil Knight had finished school. In 1960 it made the Trackster, the world’s first running shoe with a ripple sole. It makes its shoes in the US and in the UK, not, as is often the fear with the sneaker market, in far-flung sweatshops. And, remarkably, it’s still a private company too, despite its billion dollar sales. Now that’s proper cool, rather than the kind that comes from collaborating with A. N. Other urban hip hoppish dude.

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