Aston Martin unveils the Valkyrie Hypercar

Aston Martin and Red Bull Advanced Technologies first previewed this concept last summer, but have just released new images and say that it’s near-production.

The multi-million-dollar project – according to Aston Martin – will be able to do laps faster than a Formula One car, but it’s the design that is arguably more interesting.

The gullwing doors are a cool touch, while the interior is a minimal affair that will see the driver and passenger seated as they would in an F1 car. The removable steering wheel houses nearly all the controls and there’s a display on the dash for all your driving data.  

The two other displays on the left and right – shown below with Red Bull logos on them – are for the video feeds that have been installed in place of wing mirrors.

All 150 cars have already been pre-sold and although Aston Martin have not officially revealed the price those buyers paid, it’s belived the British car manufacturer received £3 million for each one.

Expect to see a few of them tearing it up in the Middle East sometime soon.