Armin Strom Strives For Innovation With The Gravity Equal Force

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The first of a new series for the brand

Armin Strom’s Gravity Equal Force watch is a first for the brand in a number of different ways. It marks the launch of the new System 78 collection, with innovative watchmaking at a competitive price; then there’s its own innovative feature, with a redesigned mainspring barrel offering smoother power delivery.

So instead of the traditional barrel, this watch adds a stop-work declutch mechanism combined with automatic winding for consistent power delivery, or ‘equal force’, to the balance. The system operates inside the mainspring barrel to limit torque, and this is the first time such a design has been paired with an automatic-winding movement.

According to Armin Strom, all of its watches should include an innovation of some kind – and this is complemented here by the striking dial and stainless steel case. Its state-of-the-art design creates a stable, low-friction axis of rotation for the mainspring to deliver power from the barrel arbour, supported by precision jewel bearings.

Though using only a portion of the mainspring by preventing it from completely unwinding, the watch still has a power reserve of 72 hours. An indicator is featured on the barrel cover.

The Gravity Equal Force also differs from previous models with a new off-centre dial, increasing legibility, and a slimline case, measuring 41mm. Expect the watch to cost around AED60,000. Choose either blue or black, with an alligator leather strap included.

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