Aston Martin’s First Speedboat

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In our experience, when luxury carmakers make the move into the world of boats, it generally ends pretty well – just ask Mercedes-Benz. So, the news that Aston Martin is releasing its very first powerboat – the AM37 – is rather exciting to say the least.  

Unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show, the AM37 marks the brand’s entry into the nautical world and is produced by Quintessence Yacht and the same craftsmen who worked on the brand new DB11.

The boat boasts luxurious seating for up to eight people at the rear and comes complete with air conditioning, fridge, coffee machine and a nifty electronic anchor system, which is deployed via a touchscreen control.

It also has the same sleek looks and interiors that make the brand’s land-going machines so appealing, plus a distinctive car-like steering wheel that looks like it’s straight from the Aston Martin you keep in the garage at home.

What about the power?

The boat comes in two options, with the ‘entry-level’ AM37 packing a choice of either twin 370bhp diesel engines or twin 430bhp petrols, while the AM37 S comes with a pair of 520bhp petrol engines that should propel the boat to a top speed of 52 knots (almost 100kph).

“The AM37 is a pure translation of the Aston Martin DNA into an entirely new maritime concept,” said Aston Martin’s EVP and chief creative officer, Marek Reichman, at the unveiling. “It is a striking boat with fantastic proportion and elegance.” Of course, he would say that, but we have to say we are inclined to agree.

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