Bulgari’s First Fragrance for Men

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Move aside all notions of typical men’s fragrances and enter the world of Bulgari’s first high perfumery collection, Le Gemme; a revolutionary chapter in the story of the Roman jeweller.

It was written within the brand’s history that Bulgari would one day travel the world to reveal the secret correspondences between gemstones and fragrances and indeed this story is brought to life in its quest to extract a fragrance like no other.

The connection to spirituality and heroism is exemplified by the emblematic gems that accompanied the world’s greatest conquerors; amber, garnet and onyx, which serve as the inspiration behind each perfume in the unique collection.

This intricate approach to perfumery is taken one impressive step further with the obelisk structure of the bottles that evoke adventures and conquests, recalling a world of trophies and talismans described by Herodotus or Pliny.  MOJEHMEN.com look to the history behind these storied scents. 

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