Can you get fit in front of the telly?

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We get it, it’s stupidly hot out there and even a 5k run feels like wading through soup. And if you go to a gym then you have to pay a small fortune and get bombarded with the worst music you’ve ever heard. So what can you do at home? And preferably in front of the telly. 

There is something that quick and easy, and it’s actually a good test of how fit you currently are, and unlike the chap above you don’t even need weights.  

Just do 10 press ups, then 10 squats, then 10 lunges, alternating left and right leg. No weights needed, just using your own body weight as resistance. It should be fairly easy, but do them with the correct form. If you need a reminder of what a proper squat or lunge should look like there are lots of videos out there.  

The following day do 11 of each. The next day do 12 of each. And so on, for a month. By the end of that month – if you can keep up – you’ll be doing 40 of each which means you’ll have built up to a fairly hefty workout in front of the telly. 

If you miss a day, don’t worry just carry on the next day but remember to keep adding one of each. You can do this while watching TV, in your air-conditioned house and it requires no cost nor equipment. 

Obviously it’s not a full fitness plan, but if you add this to what you’re already doing, or make this the starting point until things cool down a bit, then you’re going to feel a difference. 

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