Dive, dive, dive – with Triton and Aston Martin

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With yachts comes, of course, water – and the desire to play on it. Paddle-boarding is good for the abs. Kayaking is OK to pass the time. A jet ski is a little more exciting. But what any self-respecting adventurer wants to do off the back of his ocean-going home is to get under the water. And not by sinking. Enter the Project Neptune submarine, a collaboration between Triton, makers of personal submarines, and Aston Martin, makers of more land-lubbing but equally sleek machines.

It’s an adaptation of Triton’s Low Profile, three-person machine, with a bubble housing that gives almost 360 degree views at up to an impressive 1,640 ft below the surface. But, of course, this comes with Aston Martin touches – a hand-stitched leather and carbon fibre trim, for example, with the option to customise your deep sea ride further care of Aston Martin’s Q branch. Of course, even if the Triton Aston Martin craft never gets wet, it’s an incredible looking machine, both in profile and from above. It’s hard to avoid the reference, given this collaboration – so we won’t: yes, it’s very James Bond.

Would-be 007s can now take what was a concept for a spin – following sea trials and various other essential safety tests, deliveries of the Neptune craft are expected early next year. Don’t expect the kind of speed one might get from, say, a DB11. But the Triton Aston Martin craft is still impressive. It has a top speed of 5 knots and four times the acceleration of Triton’s 3300/3 flagship model. Dive, dive, dive indeed.


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