Dubai World Cup: What To Wear

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The essential guide to dressing for the Dubai World Cup according to the experts at Ascots & Chapels.

Aside from being one of the richest and most important horse races on the planet, the Dubai World Cup is without doubt the highlight of the Dubai social calendar. A time when the emirate’s most style-savvy residents come out in force, if you’re going to get dressed to the nines once this year, make it for the Dubai World Cup.

With all the competition and everybody’s get-up seemingly scrutinised to the last stitch, the pressure to get your outfit right is very much on. But fear not: we’ve enlisted the help of master tailors Ascots & Chapels, who have been the bespoke tailor of choice for distinguished gents since all the way back in 1871.

We spoke to their Operations and Artistic Director Mahir Ali, to get his top tips on dressing for the Dubai World Cup.

MM: Mahir, we assume that a suit is essential for the World Cup, but what type of suit should we go for?

MA: There’s no doubt that the classic attire for the races is tails, but for the Dubai World Cup, classic won’t necessarily get you noticed. Of course, there is a thin line between getting noticed for the right and wrong reasons, and when people go too far, it can be catastrophic. My advice would be to go for a pair of classic tails but with a twist, such as a fancy double-breasted vest in Paisley.

Double-breasted suits are on trend at the moment. Would they work for the races?

Certainly. The double-breasted suit is not only elegant but it’s also very comfortable and less restrictive, and as the Dubai World Cup is all about being social and meeting people, it’s important to be dressed in a comfortable garment. I would recommend sporting a DB in one of the lighter hues of blue that have been introduced in our Super 130’s Buckingham Collection. Checks and plaids in shades of blues and brown also work well.

Never wear a tie for the races! My suggestion is always either a cravat, an ascot or a fancy bowtie.
Mahir Ali

Tie or no tie?

No tie. Absolutely never a tie for the races! Keep in mind that this isn’t a wedding or a convention – this is a place where you have to make a special effort to stand out from the crowd. My suggestion is always either a cravat, an ascot or a fancy bowtie – all of which are available at Ascots & Chapels.

How about other accessories?

Pocket squares should certainly be worn, as they send out all the right signals of sophistication and care about appearance. Then there’s lapel pins, which are great for adding extra colour; pocket watches if you’re wearing tails or a three-piece suit; colourful socks and shoelaces if you’ve gone for a darker suit; and finally hats are very big the Dubai World Cup – the top hat (rabbit or silk) is the most popular, followed by bowler, fedora and panama.

What is the biggest faux pas when it comes to dressing for the Dubai World Cup?

Obviously the Dubai World Cup is an event where everyone is out to impress, but for me the worst thing anyone can do is overdo it, get too loud and ‘out there’, and end up making a joke of themselves. Looking chic without overkill is very much the name of the game here.  

Ascots & Chapels have branches in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar and London.

A top hat is perfect attire for the Dubai World Cup

A top hat is perfect attire for the Dubai World Cup

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