Dunhill Campaign Pays Homage To Founder’s Automotive Heritage

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Models and cars for spring-summer 2020

Dunhill has just launched its spring-summer 2020 advertising campaign, entitled Automotive, paying homage to the brand’s founder, Alfred Dunhill. The British luxury house began in 1893, when Dunhill inherited his father’s saddlery business on London’s Euston Road. As a means of expansion, he looked to the emerging automobile market, and created a line of accessories called Dunhill’s Motorities – featuring car horns, goggles, leather outerwear, and so on.

The new campaign returns us to the brand’s motoring roots, shot in a garage in Berkley Square in Mayfair, London, with classic cars partially revealed beneath their covers. Models linger, dressed in clothing from the spring-summer collection.

Fashion photographer Jack Webb captures the selection of silhouettes, showcasing the technical and contemporary nature of Dunhill. With fluid fabrication, relaxed wrapped tailoring, classic British cutting, a Japanese approach to volume, and the casualness of sportswear, Dunhill is a house that celebrates a multitude of menswear codes, including those of its leather goods.

As creative director Mark Weston describes, “Dunhill is not one thing, it’s many. Just as there is more than one Dunhill man, there are many Dunhills. It’s about sophistication of taste.”

Find the complete spring-summer 2020 line at your nearest Dunhill outlet. Stores are located in Dubai Mall and Jumeirah Emirates Towers.


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