Dunhill’s New Signature Collection Offers Four Great Scents

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Inspired by the brand’s founder, history and fashion items

The Signature Collection is a name used by Dunhill in the past – not for fragrances but for lighters. Times change, and while the brand is still keen to show off its quality, it’s now through the medium of scent rather than lighting cigarettes.

But Dunhill itself is making no secret of the Signature Collection’s ties with its past in this way. These fragrances are intended to be an integral part of the brand’s history and products, with the scents themselves inspired by the materials it uses, along with other elements. This includes the sense of adventure that founder Alfred Dunhill encouraged as he travelled around the world.

There are four scents to choose from. British Leather is described as classically masculine, with a signature top note of bergamot citrus fruit, hints of violet leaf, and an undercurrent of leather accord. Then heading from the UK to the Middle East, the Arabian Desert fragrance pairs bergamot with spicy pink pepper and precious saffron, concluding with notes of oud.

Indian Sandalwood is also available, inspired by the breeze of the East, again with bergamot, this time combined with nature and herbs, with sandalwood to finish. Moroccan Amber completes the line-up, with spicy wood and earthy notes of cardamom and saffron blended perfectly with amber. Each scent has been created by a different perfumer.

The Signature Collection bottle itself is instantly recognisable, engineered to be confident, contemporary and simplistic. Clear, thick-cut glass, with the colouration and ingredients of the fragrance on display, combines with a raised base and pedestal, plus an etched gun-metal grey cap.


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