Ex Nihilo Reveals Unisex Outcast Blue Eau De Parfum

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A rebellious nature

Outcast Blue is described by Parisian perfume house Ex Nihilo as a fragrance “for punks and poets.” That must mean it’s edgy, yet sensitive. And it doesn’t matter if these individuals are men or women either, as the scent is marketed as unisex.

Why’s it called Outcast? Apparently, it has something of a rebellious spirit. At the base of this woody-spicy scent is a strong mix of patchouli, vetiver and oak moss, with sandalwood flames and tobacco for an unusual twist. Cedarwood and florals make up the heart, with a spicy mix of saffron and black pepper among the top notes.

The work of renowned perfumer Jordi Fernandez, this mesmerising blend is available in 50ml (AED916) or 100ml (AED1,337) sizes, or as a set of five smaller travel bottles (AED611). Each should be easy to spot in stores due to the silver, white and black packaging.

Strangley, the bottle and packaging itself is not blue, as might be suggested by the name – but there are reasons for this. Blue is simply the signature colour of the brand, Ex Nihilo, meaning that the name is more symbolic that anything, and representative of the expertise and know-how that the company stands for.

Find the fragrance in stores. Just follow the punks and poets.


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