Extreme Speed: Aston Martin Vantage AMR

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Launched during the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, the AMR is directly inspired by Aston Martin’s participation in the FIFA World Endurance Championship with a production that is limited to just 300 cars globally. Yes – just 300!

The car, which serves as the first series to be produced under the company’s new race-inspired performance range, is both a reflection on its extreme performance vehicles from the past and a tribute to innovation for the future. The AMR brand offers two distinct tiers: series production limited edition models such as the new Vantage AMR; and the extensively modified AMR Pro models created by Q by Aston Martin Advanced Operations, which sit at the echelons of the range. 

Excited? We sure are.

The Vantage AMRs also appears with 430bhp V8 or 595bhp – up from 565bhp – V12 powertrain options with both engines being fitted with automated sequential manual paddle-shift transmissions or for the ultimate automobile enthusiast – six and seven-speed manual gearboxes in the V8 and V12 Vantage AMRs respectively.

The exterior of this new range also appears in four striking schemes; Stratus White, Ultramarine Black, Zaffre Blue and Scintilla Silver – each look is as impeccably sleek and modern as the last, and is what we’ve come to expect from this treasured purveyor of fine sports cars. 

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