Ferrari Unleashes Its Most Extreme One-Off Design Ever

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Ferrari P80/C

The P80/C is a sports prototype that uses a race car as its base

If you have enough money, Ferrari can make you a car to your own unique specifications. The client who gets to drive away this latest one-off, the P80/C, is a great connoisseur of the Ferrari world, we’re told, and a knowledgeable, discerning Ferrari collector. He wanted a modern sports prototype inspired by iconic models from the brand’s history.

The brief was delivered in 2015, with the P80/C receiving the longest development time of any Ferrari one-off to date. This is a track car, so as much emphasis needed to be placed on the performance and engineering as the styling. Using a 488 GT3 race car as the base, the designers moved the driver cockpit forward, making the rear elongated. The chassis was also given muscular front and rear wings, plus a wraparound windscreen.

Viewed from the rear, a huge carbon-fibre wing dominates, with a clear line of sight towards the car’s 660bhp 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 engine. The design is a lesson in aerodynamics too, with equal downforce over the front and rear of the car.

Made entirely from carbon-fibre, the body has been painted in a bright statement Rosso Vero. Inside, just a few cosmetic tweaks set the P80/C apart from the 488 GT3, with a roll cage integrated into the bodywork.

The price that was paid and the name of the lucky owner (although some believe he lives in Hong Kong) were the only details that Ferrari would not disclose.

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