Ferrari’s New 986bhp Hybrid Supercar Revealed

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Feast your eyes on the SF90 Stradale

It seems that every car manufacturer is embracing the idea of electric vehicles these days – even Ferrari is taking a step in that direction, announcing its first-ever series production PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), the SF90 Stradale. This uses a heavily-reworked version of the brand’s award-winning twin-turbo V8 engine, along with three electric motors – one in the rear, and two on the front axle.

And we’re talking crazy power – the most ever from a Ferrari with a V8. There’s a total of 986bhp, which translates to a 0-100kmh (0-62mph) time of 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 340kmh (212mph). Ferrari has even made the SF90 Stradale its first four-wheel-drive sports car to help it handle this huge amount.

The performance of the electric motors and the V8 is arranged into four handy driving modes – there’s eDrive, which is the quiet, all-electric option for travelling short distances; Hybrid, which switches the V8 on when some added oomph is required; Performance, which is all about the V8 and charging up the electric motors; and Qualify, a racing mode best used in short bursts.

A lot of technical trickery has gone into the design of the carbon-fibre and aluminium body too, mainly to increase downforce and reduce drag. The cockpit position, closer to the front of the car than usual, is said to help here. And inside, the Ferrari has a touchpad built into the steering wheel, allowing easy control over everything from the curved 16in digital instrument cluster screen to the Head-Up Display, projecting info onto the windscreen.

Two versions of the SF90 Stradale will be offered – the standard version and one with a sportier spec, the Assetto Fiorano. This will include GT racing-derived shock absorbers, extra lightweight features, racing tyres, and a high-downforce carbon-fibre rear spoiler.

Incidentally, the name ‘SF90’ relates to 90 years of Scuderia Ferrari – the brand’s racing division. This was always going to be an impressive car with that in mind.

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