Find Luxury Bespoke Arab Menswear From UAE Online Brand Meemo

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A specialist in kanduras

Launched last year and based in Abu Dhabi, Meemo is a luxury online brand that specialises in bespoke traditional clothing. Through Meemo, items like the kandura, or dishdasha, are now a high-fashion concept, tailor-made, with varying styles, colours and fabrics on offer.

To order, head to the website to arrange a visit to your home or office from one of Meemo’s skilled stylists. Choose the design – Arabic or Kuwait – then match with the desired fabric. The range here is extensive, with materials sourced from the UK, Japan, Switzerland and Italy. Order a swatch book via the website, which includes small samples.

There are other customisation options too, with free shipping taking four-six days. Other items available include ghutras, shemaghs, agals, ghafiyas, shorts and wizars, as well as undershirts and complete outfits. Child sizes can also be arranged.

Offering bespoke craftsmanship and a convenient service, Meemo hopes to bring shopping for traditional garments into the modern age. The pieces remain timeless, but the experience matches the needs and lifestyle of today’s customer.

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