How to Choose a Fragrance

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In 2010 perfumer Sergio Momo, of the perfume house Maison Xerjoff, introduced the Sospiro perfume collection. Here the perfumer takes a few questions from MojehMen on the dos and don’ts of wearing fragrance. And when you might be wearing too much…
MM: Do you think men are getting more interested in wearing fragrance?

SM: Well I believe men have always had strong interest in perfumes. Now, for sure, there is more experimentation, and fewer constraints in trying different olfactive directions. I think wearing a right fragrance makes you memorable – people might not remember your outfit or your shoes, but they will surely remember the fragrance. Today we have thousands of options, and it’s all about finding ‘your’ scent.
MM: What’s a good way for a man to find a fragrance they like?

SM: Men need to have clear in mind how they wish to introduce themselves in their society whether that’s high class, sporty, a business type and so on. Following this the perfumes can be chosen accordingly. What you wear, of course, also depends on one’s mood, if attending an event or a special occasion. Men can have loads of options, but finding the signature scent is crucial. Trends change, fashion changes, but scent is like style – it’s eternal. A good way for a man to find a suitable fragrance is to explore, for example when they are shopping at the mall – spray testers on the blotters, write the scent down on the blotter, and throughout the day keep smelling, without looking at the name. Once you realize which one of them is your favorite then that’s it, that’s the one for you.

MM: What are the common mistakes men make with fragrance?
SM: One of the common mistakes are most men are showering themselves in fragrance, which creates a lay off. Fragrance should be discovered, not announced. Applying the fragrance correctly is one of the essentials parts of wearing it. For example, there’s a tendency of most men spraying the fragrance on their suits or their clothing. But the perfect way is to apply the fragrance on your skin. The key areas are the chest, the neck and inside arm from the wrist to forearm. Do not rub your hands together once the fragrance is sprayed. As for wearing a different fragrance every day, why not? It’s also a form of expressing yourself.

MM: Do you think all the industry talk about top notes, base notes etc clarifies or confuses most men?

SM: Perfume families – fougere, marine or woody notes, for example – are an important starting point to allocate and introduce the perfumes followed by the creation of a life style story in connection with the perfume presented. But it’s true that too much technicality doesn’t work unless it’s specifically requested. 

Momo’s fragrances are available from Perfumery & Co., Fashion Avenue, The Dubai Mall.

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