From Dusk Till Dawn

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It is that time of year again. The weather is perfect, the events are plenty, and winter vibes are in full swing. All of which means that you will probably go out on the town straight from the office, and what is better than having versatile outfits that can be worn all day and look great in all settings.
Here are our tips on picking the right items that can serve you in the boardroom and out on the town.

Tip 1: Layers
Might sound like something basic, as most men do wear suits. But, it is what you wear underneath that suit jacket is what matters. Pick a shirt, polo, or even t-shirt that can look smart at work, and serve you as a fresh modern man when you’re out and about.

Tip 2: Shoes
Yes, your dress shoes will not cut it every day. Do not be afraid of wearing something out of the ordinary to the office. Today, men are more and more open to experimenting with footwear, and the women are not hating it. Choose something that is comfortable, can be worn to meetings, and won’t look out of place at a casual after hour setting.

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Tip 3: Accessories
While every man should always wear a watch around his wrist, do not be wary of adding more items to your wrists, around your fingers, or neck. Men’s jewellery and accessories, while traditionally are subtle, more designers are creating bolder designs that can be worn virtually anywhere. Do pick something that suits your personality and do not be worry about experimenting, those who care will tell what doesn’t look good.

Tip 4: Packaging
We know that you have might need a lot of items with you at work. Laptop or tablet, phone, wallet, papers…etc. and all of these need to go somewhere. While it is acceptable to carry a briefcase that is big enough for all your things, try to opt for other alternatives like backpacks and pouches.

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