Full-Scale McLaren Senna Model Made Entirely From Lego

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It took 500,000 bricks and nearly 5,000 hours to assemble

If you like the idea of owning a McLaren Senna supercar – named after F1 driver Ayrton Senna – but don’t want to fork out the Dhs3.6 million or so asking price, there is another way to get your hands on one. Take inspiration from this model version, and build your own from Lego bricks.

A collaboration between McLaren and Lego, this 1:1 model is very detailed – with carbon-fibre seats, the steering wheel, pedals, McLaren badges, and wheels and tyres from the actual car. After weeks of design and planning, a team of up to 10 specialist assemblers worked in shifts around the clock, taking 5,000 hours to complete the build (nine real McLaren Sennas could have been assembled in that time), involving around 500,000 bricks. The model also weights more than the real-life version at 1,700kg – an actual McLaren Senna comes in at just 1,200kg.

The model will be doing the rounds at car shows all over the world this summer, with enthusiasts invited to climb aboard, push the start button and hear a simulation of the engine roar to life. It has working lights and cockpit screens too.


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