Groom Like A Samurai Warrior With New Rituals Products

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These high-performance essentials are the finest from the brand

The inspiration for grooming routines can come from the unlikeliest of places. Kudos to Rituals, then, for looking to the ancient Japanese Samuari warriors, who attained legendary levels of self-care to be their ultimate best. This has led Rituals to develop its Classic, Shave, Face and Sport collections to empower body and mind.

Shave collection

These shaving essentials are enriched with basil, red shisho and ginseng. Start with the Samurai Shaving Gel to leave skin feeling soft and smooth, with Samurai Shaving Cream to create a cushion between the face and the razor. This will also reduce the chance of irritation or cuts, and is presented in sustainable packaging with an innovative refill system. Apply the Samurai After Shave Soothing Balm, with the After Shave Lotion providing an immediate cooling effect.

Face collection

Natural skincare products enriched with organic bamboo, ginseng and wakame kelp, offering a high concentration of essential minerals and vitamin B, moisturising the skin and improving elasticity. Start with the Samurai Face Cleansing Foam to rid the skin of dirt, impurities and clogged pores, and continue with the Samurai Charcoal Scrub, which deeply cleanses and allows for a better shave. Keep your skin hydrated with the Samurai Energy & Anti-Age Face Cream or the Samurai 24-hour active Hydration Face Cream, available in an eco-chic refill design.

Tame your beard and hydrate the skin underneath with the nourishing Beard Oil. Also use the natural Anti-Fatigue Eye Lotion with a zamac cooling tip for a refreshing sensation and to deflate puffy eyes.

Classic collection

Enriched with organic bamboo and cedarwood, this collection contains 12 unique products. The Bath Foam will relax and refocus you, as will the Shower Foam with its bamboo extract and sandalwood. Use together with the Shampoo, enriched with organic bamboo and deep-sea minerals.

The Antiperspirant Spray also has the scent of bamboo extract and sandalwood, and the 24-hour Antiperspirant Stick will help you feel refreshed throughout the day. Polish your look with the Hair Wax, or use the Hair Shaper Paste for greater hold.

Hand Gel and the moisturising Hand Lotion will keep your fingers and palms hydrated, and for the inner body there is the organic purifying Black Tea, with the distinctive aromatic smoky flavour of lapsang souchong. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, it has the aromatic taste of smoke, chocolate and caramel.

Sport collection

This line will help to invigorate the mind and soul after sports, with powerful ingredients, such as organic bamboo, cypress, Japanese mint and cedarwood. Use the Foaming Shower Gel for the ultimate refreshment, leaving the skin feeling energised and scented, or the Ice Shower Gel for a cooling sensation. The 2-in-1 Cooling Shampoo & Shower Gel cleanses the hair and skin at the same time.

Stay cool and calm after a workout with the 24-hour Antiperspirant Spray or the refreshing Antiperspirant Stick, which are both mild on the skin. Also keep the skin healthy and hydrated with the rapidly-absorbed Body Lotion, with its woody scents of bamboo extract and cypress.

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