How To Take Care Of Your Beard In The Heat

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Essential advice from UAE grooming brand The Beard Gear & Co

If you have a beard and want to maintain it in the heat, The Beard Gear & Co can help. This Dubai-based brand specialises in organic products made from 100 per cent natural ingredients, designed to heal, nourish and strengthen the beard and skin. Here are a few tips to keep your beard in tip-top shape:

Keep it moisturised

Maintain the moisture in your beard hair by using oils that replicate the sebum oil produced naturally by the skin. A good beard oil won’t leave your beard looking shiny or oily, but it should be readily absorbed by both the skin and hair. Beard oil creates the optimal skin conditions for your beard to grow out healthier and thicker. Apply it daily underneath your beard, and massage it into the skin, then leave it in. Do this after a shower when your beard is damp and your pores are open.

Keep it shapely

For a longer beard, oil may not suffice, as not only will moisture be required but also an element of hold. This is where beard balm comes in. Look for a balm that contains the same valuable essential oils as beard oil to provide the necessary hydrating effect, but also a natural wax to let you pull your beard into shape. The Beard Gear Co’s all-natural beard balms have the combination of nutritious oils and beeswax to get the job done nicely.

Be thorough

To ensure that your oil or balm is effective, it has to be brushed or combed through the hair, down to the skin beneath. This should be part of your beard care ritual, as moisturising the hair without ensuring it gets to the skin will not let the product do its full job. Beard brushes are typically used for short to medium beards, while beard combs are perfect for beards longer than 5cm.

Be ruthless

For stubborn hairs that refuse to stay in place, use a pair of scissors designed specifically for beard grooming. Ideally, these should have a shorter snout than regular scissors, and let you manoeuvre through the beard adequately, cutting through the hairs that won’t get in line and helping you to obtain the perfect look.

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