How To Up Your Eyebrow Game

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Years ago the thought of men wearing sports shoes at a Red Tie Gala was sacrilegious, as was the notion of manscaping, waxing and shoulder-length hair.

While we’re not advocating Pharrell’s look from the Grammy Awards anytime soon, it is important to stay abreast of the trends. The concept of men’s grooming has boomed in recent years and high fashion brands have caught on.

After all, are we not entitled to the same luxury grooming treatments our female counterparts have been privy to for years? In fact, Jacob Hrayki, founder of the Loft Fifth Avenue, confirms that the men’s grooming industry has risen by 40 per cent in the last two years. Men are increasingly getting treatments such as manicures, pedicures and facials to improve their appearance.

These statistics come at a time when men are taking a renewed sense of pride in their appearance, not only with their style choices but their grooming routines.

Thankfully for us tasteful arbitrators of fashion such as Mr. Tom Ford (men’s style god) and Marc Jacobs (fashion enfant terrible) have launched their own range of men’s beauty products that specifically focusing on brows; a previously neglected but nonetheless important area of our grooming routine.

These unique products enable a slicker, cleaner finish to your brows, which bring a more polished appearance to your face. Today we’re looking at four easy-to-use luxury products that’ll enable you to get that ‘au naturel’ look without looking like an extra from the Muppets. 

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