The Juice Equation: How Healthy Is Juicing?

Therapeutic. Cleansing. Controversial... There are many words that have been used to describe juicing in today’s health-obsessed circles. But what are the positive impacts of juicing and how can it help us to attain a healthier, stronger body? investigates…

Juicing or the juice diet is the act of consuming liquids consisting solely of nutritious fruits and vegetables with little or no food consumption. As a widely used form of dieting amongst celebrities and the insta-famous set, this trending diet is supposed to naturally cleanse your body of toxins. But is depriving your body of essential nutrients and essential fatty acids derived from healthy meals a good decision? 

Over the years, extreme diet fads have replaced the combining benefits of fresh home made juices teamed with a healthy diet. Similarly, the juice cleanse eliminates all types of meals from daily consumption and replaces them with juice-based alternatives, which as several medical studies have proven, depletes metabolic rates in the long run and increases the risk of weight gain once the dieter resumes their normal eating patterns. In fact, the Harvard Medical School’s test on juice cleanses devoid of food consumption proves it to not only cause severe dehydration but also impair normal bowel function and cause deficiency of electrolytes that are essential for the healthy functioning of cells and organs - a fact widely ignored by modern day consumers, eager to purchase the next health-kick popularised by new food chains that promote an embellished truth. 

Sophies cafe at the Palm, Jumeirah serves diners freshly made vegan and organic juices.

But hey, we’re not saying juice consumption in itself is bad. In fact, according to Cancer Research UK, studies show that those of us who consume a lot of fruits and vegetables (juiced or otherwise) have a lower risk of certain cancers. While Amanda Dunn, manager of Sophie’s café Dubai tells us that specific juices are ultra-beneficial to health “because of key ingredients that help the body in cleansing the liver of destructive toxins, maintaining your body’s pH level and aiding in quicker muscle recovery post workout.” 

The human body detoxifies itself naturally and doesn’t require a juice-cleanse to speed up the process. It is built to defend itself very well against the effects of occasional indulgence, but what the majority of medical studies conclude is the importance of three key components: a healthy diet, adequate fluid intake and regular exercise - and those are the only three things we’re interested in pursuing.