Ramadan 2017: 5 Iftars To Try

As we enter the third day of the holy month of Ramadan, the one question on our minds is where should we go for our Iftar dinners? Thankfully the MOJEHMEN.com team has done some expert sleuthing (or shall we say tasting) to uncover the best post-fasting dinners for the season. 

Miss Lily’s

The beloved Caribbean hot spot offers the most unconventional Iftar in Dubai, successfully merging jovial island vibes with the culture of the Middle East through a unique menu that features tender garlic roasted lamb, crispy okra and fragrant humus on warm roti flatbread. And yet, despite its exceptional food, the winning factor at Miss Lily’s in undoubtedly in its excellent wait staff and trendy clientele, who seamlessly merge with the diner’s groove-worthy music. 

Andalucia, St Regis, Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club

Tranquility is served in spades at St Regis’s Andalucia restaurant this Ramadan. Their first class buffet includes a combination of Arabic and Mediterranean delicacies that are dished out amid the mesmerising tunes of a talented live Oud player. Meanwhile, extravagant Ramadan tents by the pool allow for exceptional comfort and the ultimate in relaxed dining. 

Lima Dubai

Creamy burrata, seafood seco risotto and slow cooked lamb with pumpkin are but a few of the culinary delights on Lima Dubai’s Iftar menu. Serving the dinner in its calm yet lively ambience makes this eatery perfect for both friends and family. Be careful - their crumbled chicken hot ceviche will have you hooked, and their delightful combination of hearty, healthy flavours will keep you going back for more. 

Bombay Brasserie Restaurant, Taj Hotel

If you were curious about the foods consumed by the royalty who dominated the Moghul era, then the specially prepared Iftar menu by Bombay Brasserie is a must-try culinary experience. The gastronomic genius of the chef is evident in dishes such as Kebab Baida Murg, chicken kebab coated with egg white and glazed with goat fat, and Zir Biryan, grilled meat served with sweet’itr’ fragrant rice. Each dish is given a Middle Eastern twist but stays true to the ancient scripts obtained from King Shahjahan’s era. 

The Address Boulevard, Dubai

Served in the recently unveiled hotel’s extravagant Boulevard Ballroom, this elegantly themed Iftar offers an exquisite spread that’s guaranteed to amaze and intrigue; expect continental delicacies scrumptiously fused with Middle Eastern favourites. The long communal tables are set with glittering china, while the staff’s unwavering attention cements this as a truly regal Iftar comparable to no other.