The 400 Gig microSD Card... Why It's A Big Deal

In the early 1990s, to store a gigabyte’s worth of data required a machine the size of a mini-fridge. Back then we were mostly using 3.5-inch floppy disks. The 3.5-inch disk, that we were using at that time had a 720 KB capacity.


To store one gigabyte, you would need 737 of them.


So to hold 400 gigabytes that would take around 294,647 disks.


Now you can store all that info on a tiny microSD card that’s about the side of your fingernail.

The makers, SanDisk, have a fine track record of making constantly smaller data storage devices with greater capacities. This latest release will give your phone or tablet a capacity normally found on a desktop computer.


It also has a 100mbps speed rating so you can write HD video as you capture it with transfer speeds of up to 100 megabytes per second, but largely it just gives you more storage space. This microSD has enough digital space to store 52,000 HD photos, or around 40,000 songs or about 500 films. 


The record-breaking capacity is double the previous (also held by SanDisk) and this card is now available for $250. Around 30 years ago Iomega were selling a hard drive that held 40 meg for $1,799 – that’s about $45,000 per gig.


This works out at $0.63 per gig.