Light Up Your Eyewear With Balenciaga’s LED Frames

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The logo on these sunglasses glows

How’s this for some eye-catching eyewear? Balenciaga is previewing its LED Frame, part of the upcoming Summer 20 Eyewear collection, said to combine a sleek new style with the brand’s commitment to innovation.

The bold, rectangular frame sits on thick, tapering arms, one of which contains a lightweight LED system that illuminates the Balenciaga logo. This animates in multiple colors and patterns, and is controllable with a tap sensor. Make the logo light up when the arms of the glasses are fully extended, or turn it off when closed, placed upside down on a surface for more than five seconds, or tapped three times.

The light can either blink, remain static, or fade from one colour to another, in blue, red, green, purple, yellow and white, according to the settings. Charge up the internal battery via a USB cable.

Balenciaga previously released light-up sneakers and boots, which retailed for more than AED3,300. No price for the sunglasses has been revealed as yet.

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