Motorola Dashboard Cameras Launch In The UAE

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Two models available, with prices from AED419

There used to be a time when Motorola made all of the must-have phones. Who remembers the RAZR? This sleek, super-thin handset was a household name in the mid-2000s, but then the iPhone came along…

Motorola is still making cool, must-have tech, however – like these dashboard cameras for your car, which are now available in the UAE. Handy for recording footage in the event of an accident, these are designed to give drivers added reassurance, potentially proving to insurers or the police who was at fault in a collision.

Two cameras are available – the MDC500GW and MDC300GW. A key feature of both is the smart automatic collision detection (G-Sensor), which recognises a shock, then records and saves the incident.

Motorola MDC500GW

The MDC500GW has a 1080p front camera and a 720p rear camera, with GPS, Wi-Fi, and a wide 150-degree-angle view. It monitors the entire front or back view of your vehicle, recording in full HD quality, with a built-in 2in colour LCD. There is also a built-in speaker and microphone, and Micro SD card storage, all for AED509.

Motorola MDC300GW

Just as capable, but without the rear camera, is the MDC300GW, which is a 1080p HD dash cam with a 3in display and a 2.19MP Sony sensor for amazing clarity and colours. Get the same 150-degree field, with integrated GPS, Wi-Fi and Micro SD card storage, but for AED419.

Motorola dashboard cameras are available at Virgin Megastore, and will soon launch at Sharaf DG, Jumbo and Dubai Duty Free. Alpha Tech (a division of Alpha 55) is the exclusive distribution partner for the UAE.

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