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This is the time of the year for you to layer up. It is essential for every man to be able to layer different items and add key outwear pieces in order to create different looks for different occasions. Whether you’re on the slopes of the Alps, on a night out in Berlin, having tea in London, or dinner in Dubai, there are key points that will guarantee that you got the perfect combination every time.

The First Layers 

This is the first thing you put on. This layer can range between a basic white tee, to a shirt, or even a graphic t-shirt. This layer serves as the basis of your look, even if it is the not the outer-most layer, it will be the first thing to catch the eye. Picking that layer depends on the occasion and distention. For a relaxed night out, choose the basics or a something graphic for the clubs. While if you’re out for dinner, pairing a solid colour shirt with a pullover works best, and if you’re going for something formal, then there is no better option than a dress shirt, which can always have a print or a colour that reflects your personality.

The Middle Layers 

It is always great to create a middle layer between your choice of outerwear and the basic layer. This could be a shirt, a cardigan, a vest, or even a pullover over shirt. By adding this layer, you are able to create a contrast between the colours, add a versatile dimension to your look if you’re looking for a day to night look.


The Last Layers 

Have two or three main coats and jackets that will act as your outer-most layer. These should be an investment. If you’re a skier, invest in a ski jacket in a neutral colour that won’t get out of style for years to come. If you’re a city man, then a trench coat and dress coat are a must have. The third key piece you should always have in your wardrobe is a casual and stylish jacket that can be worn to a casual occasion, like a night out on the town.

The Buffer Zone

You should not also forget about the importance of accessories that create a buffer between the layers and the outer-most layer. These could range from scarfs to pins, and other accessories that will add an extra dimension and structure to your overall look.

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