Paul Smith to Take On Tailoring for New Men in Black Film

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Paul Smith | Photography by PAUL SMITH

British designer Paul Smith announced that his namesake brand will be involved in the anticipated instalment of the film franchise Men in Black. The designer will be responsible for tailoring bespoke designs for the film’s main characters and the rest of the cast, namely the other secret agents in the film’s plot.

Photography by PAUL SMITH

Smith will collaborate with costume designer Penny Rose on this project, as the pair will design custom pieces for the five most notable alien-fighting agents. In addition, Smith and Rose will create costumes for the wider cast of the agents that will fight crime in the film.

The Men in Black film franchise always included iconic tailor-made costumes and suits for the principal charcters, which Paul Smith will fulfiul in the upcoming instalment. Paul and Penny will slightly drift away from the tradtional Men in Black costume by adding Paul Smith’s signature colourful lining.

Paul Smith will bring forth years of experience in designing well-tailored and elegant suits. “As a designer famous for his tailoring what could be better than receiving a call to say we’d love to use Paul Smith suits in Men in Black™? Simple suits but it’s all about the cut!” Paul Smith explains.

Photography by PAUL SMITH

One of the main charcters, Agent O, will make a return to the franchise in the upcoming film and will be wearing a one-off Paul Smith design.

The highly-anticipated instalment of the film will be a very fashionable one, or as Penny Rose put it: “This will be the most sartorially elegant Men in Black ever.”

Paul Smith is no stranger to collaborations in pop culture, earlier this year the designer collaborated with football club Manchester United to launch a capsule collection of graphic accessories that stylishly combine Paul Smith’s iconic designs with Manchester United football heritage.

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