Rambo Is Back! See The First Trailer For Last Blood

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Sylvester Stallone returns as the one-man war machine

Yes, it’s crazy to think that at 72 years old, Sylvester Stallone is still making Rocky and Rambo movies. It was Rocky in 1976 that jump-started his career, playing the underdog boxer of the title, and after five sequels the franchise changed direction, spinning off into Creed, with Rocky now the trainer for the son of his late rival – Creed 2 was released last year.

Rambo burst onto the scene in 1982, with Stallone playing war veteran John Rambo in First Blood. Not as popular as Rocky (judging by the box office haul and the number of follow-ups it spawned), the Rambo series still earned itself a following – US President Ronald Reagan even joked in a speech that “after watching Rambo” he now knew how to handle a hostage situation.

And now the character is back, with Rambo: Last Blood out in September. Watch the trailer here:

The plot sees John Rambo trying to lead a quiet life running a cattle ranch, only to wind up taking on a Mexican drug cartel after they kidnap his friend’s daughter. Stallone is credited as a co-writer, with the movie directed by Adrian Grunberg.

Find out more when the movie is released in September.


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