Reebok Aims For Perfection With The All-New Zig Kinetica Sneaker

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Said to have a unique ‘energy return’ system

Watch the above video, and you’ll get an idea of the amount of thought that Reebok has put into its new Zig Kinetica technology. This is an advancement of the ZigTech concept introduced in 2010, designed to push comfort to new levels, and now Reebok claims to have created the perfect shoe, with help from Garbstore founder Ian Paley.

A sliced midsole and cored-out outsole bring together three cushioning technologies, which comprise the Zig Kinetica concept: Floatride Fuel, Energy Shell, and Energy Web. It’s an intricate design, providing maximum comfort and support, noted for its use of microvent meshes and adjustable guidance bands.

The first sneaker to use it is the Zig Kinetica Concept Type 1, which has a stripped-back upper designed by Ian Paley of Garbstore, the UK-based brand founded in 2008 and known for its practical outerwear. While the shoe is available in four colourways, the design itself is a mix of mesh and synthetics, with a bold strap over the throat.

As Paley himself describes, “There were some manufacturing challenges, as a lot of the shoe has no stitching. I really wanted the upper to appear machine-like, aiding the sole unit to achieve its purpose. Creating that under-the-hood depth was the challenge that I set myself when looking at the upper.”

The Zig Kinetica Concept Type 1 is available from selected retailers, including Reebok stores worldwide and online. Price in the UAE will be around AED780.

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