Santoni’s Autumn-Winter Range Has Arrived

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Formal footwear, boots for outdoors and casual sneakers

Italian brand Santoni has launched its new men’s footwear collection. Expect more of the signature double buckle, ankle boots, and the loafers inspired by evening slippers, with a new colour palette that includes shades like midnight blue, forest green, honey, taupe and tobacco.

Features include para rubber soles and micro or non-slip rubber, perfect for the rain, and even leather soles, thickened for better weather resistance. Waterproof leather and suede have also been included, and to combat the cold the latest lace-up mountain boots are offered in different variations – high with soft padding over the ankle and a para rubber lug sole, or low cut for the ‘walking’ version.

For a taste of luxury, try the black crocodile loafers with full-size sole, or there’s sophisticated streetwear, with new leisure sneakers that feature a rubber sole on the toe and contrasting leather for a 1960s flair. Also look for running shoes that offer a traditional look, with added leather.

Check out the full range here:

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