Skincare for the Party Animal

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Inspired by the wonders of ayuverdic medicine in modern day India, Rodrigo Diaz, the Mexican-born, Canadian designer behind GOÁ skincare is sure to become a household name. The brand that focuses on supremely crafted grooming products for men is specifically targeted towards removing the signs of environmental stresses brought onto the skin from daily exposure to pollutants, but that’s not all.

Being a man’s man Rodrigo is very well aware of the dullness brought onto the skin’s natural lustre by the occasional ‘one drink too many’, and social smokers needn’t worry either because his dermatologically tested, organic ingredients have proven to be quite rigorous in the removal of the signs of damage apparent on the outer layer of the skin. They can even counteract over exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun.

The products, which range from an under eye anti-fatigue serum to regenerative face creams visibly boost the appearance of skin tone thanks to its revolutionary formula known as dark phyto-matter, which effectively removes dead skin to provide efficient absorption of the product’s essential ingredients.  Our favourite? Let’s just say their award winning collagen infused facial serum is going to transform your post-brunch morning. 

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