Solar-Powered Yacht Of The Future

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This may well be a terrible generalisation to make, but here at MOJEHMEN, we get the impression that most superyacht owners don’t really have that much concern for the environment.

Why do we say that? Well, firstly we figure that they probably have too much money and are in the kind of super-rich bubble that means they don’t care about much apart from where their next bombproof limo is going to come from. And secondly, even if global warming kicks in and sea levels rise, well, they have a yacht!

However, the good people at Duffy London are hoping that potential yacht owners are more environmentally minded than we give them credit for, and would be willing to part with a cool $25 million (AED 91.75 million) to buy the latest concept from the design firm, the Solaris Global Cruiser Yacht.

With the potential to “cruise silently at great speeds over great distances” – according to a statement on the Duffy London website, at least – the yacht packs the very latest in battery and solar technology combined with an alcohol turbine generator to produce a claimed 5,200bhp powering it to a top speed of 45 knots.

In addition to the eco-friendly credentials, the boat can accommodate up to 10 guests and seven crew members and measures 44m long by 8.7m wide. With a proposed finishing date of 2020, there’s still a little while to wait before we’ll be seeing this sailing the high seas, but if this is anything to go by, the future of yachting could well be green.

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