Sort Your Home Workout With Equipment From Technogym

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Keep your routine going

With gyms and fitness centres closed at present, and many of us staying indoors, maintaining your own physical wellbeing can be tricky. Some Dubai companies have posted workouts online, but you could also invest in the equipment that the gyms themselves use, courtesy of Technogym.

This company has been around since 1983, offering a wide range of fitness solutions. You can find equipment for the home suitable for the space you have available and your training needs, with Technogym’s MyWellness Cloud platform, and in particular the Mywellness app, allowing you to access professional training programmes.

Here’s a closer look at what’s on offer:

Personal Line

These products combine fitness and wellness with the aesthetic eye of world-renowned furniture designer and architect Antonio Citterio. Try the treadmill, bike or elliptical, with each featuring a Unity digital touchscreen interface, allowing users to personalise their experience according to their training programmes, applications and social media, and even Netflix and favourite TV channels.

Skill Line

This is Technogym’s collection dedicated to athletic preparation – drawing on the brand’s experience as Official Supplier of the last seven Olympic Games. Each item is designed to help users excel, with cardio products that include the Skillbike, Skillrun, Skillmill and Skillrow.


A treadmill designed for runners who are truly dedicated to the sport. This treadmill represents a new personalised solution for running, offering unprecedented levels of data and feedback on the user’s running technique, with a variety of training programmes.


Designed in 1986 by Nerio Alessandri, Technogym’s founder and CEO, the UNICA multigym has a compact and ergonomic design. With its various apparatus, it promises 25 different exercises from just the one product – shrinking an entire gym workout into a 1.5 sq m space.

Wellness Ball

This exercise ball can also be used to seat you at your desk as you work from home, testing your core muscles. Thanks to its simplicity, it can help to strengthen muscles, increase balance and improve flexibility and posture – all during the time it takes for a conference call.

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