Perfecting Prada

Prada’s Made to Measure service ensures that your favourite suit not only looks and feels great, but also fits like a glove – no matter your size or build.

Available fabrics range from the classic Kid Mohair and textured wools, to exquisite Vicuña, Guanaco and Guanashina. There’s also a range of wools up to Super 210S, special, silky-to-touch gossamer cottons and – best off all – a selection of the most iconic prints from the Prada archive.


Of course, for such an exclusive service, a special dedicated area is required – Prada were hardly going to expect their Made to Measure clients to get measured-up on the shop floor, were they? – so each store will now have a private VIP room, where the service is provided. Here, in this private sanctuary away from the prying eyes of ‘normal’ customers, the expert in-house tailors will take you through the process step by step, helping you selecting the model, fabric and any finishing touches and taking those all-important measurements.


The service is available in 50 stores worldwide, so wherever you are – from London to Tokyo, Milan to New York, or even Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates – you can get your fix of Made to Measure Prada.

Like most of life’s great pleasures, buying a new suit is part art, part science. Just as great-looking sportscars must be engineered with precision and beautiful timepieces must be tested rigorously, in order for a suit to truly fulfill its purpose, it has to not only look and feel the part but also fit perfectly. And while it’s always nice to sport a piece from the latest collection of a luxury brand, when it comes to suits, tailor-made is the only way to go.


Thankfully, Prada’s Made to Measure service offers the best of both worlds. Combining the sartorial tradition of the Italian brand with contemporary style and classic tailoring, the service allows well-heeled clients the possibility to create their very own bespoke suits, coats, jackets, shirts and trousers.


And when we say bespoke, we mean bespoke… there are more than 300 fabric options available to choose from for suits and jackets, 30 for coats and around 230 for shirts – which means that the likelihood of spotting someone on the street who has picked the same combination as you is extremely low.