When Wimbledon was stylish

Tennis is not really the most stylish of sports, if we’re being honest. The Wimbledon rule about white is fine in an adhering-to-tradition way, but you rarely see any tennis players these days and think, “he looks pretty cool”. This wasn’t always the way.

Back in the 1970s Bjorn Borg was the star of the sport and wore Fila branded tennis shirts. And the good news is, you can still pick them up today – although it takes a bit of online searching – and they’re still as brilliant as ever. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more ‘80s then Borg’s great rival John McEnroe used to wear some really nice Sergio Tacchini shirts through his career, while screaming at umpires and becoming the antihero of the sport. 

And of course, going right back to the early days it was all about Fred Perry and Rene Lacoste, but it seems that now the shirts they made famous have become synonymous with things outside of the game of tennis. Fred Perry became, and will probably forever be, associated with Mod culture, while – and this might just be us – a Lacoste shirt will always put up in mind of French men swanning about the Riviera, which is has to be said isn’t always a bad look.

If you want them in white to play tennis though, they still look distinguished and smart.