MOJEHMEN Interview: Gregg Sedgwick

Gallery One is the region’s leading cultural retailer, offering art lovers affordable pieces with a Middle Eastern slant. Founder Gregg Sedgwick is well-known for his exceptional choice of fashion, and speaks to MOJEHMEN about his passion for design, as well as his distinctive style.

What's the difference between fashion and style? 
Being stylish is far more difficult than being fashionable. Style is hard to achieve – fashion can be bought. Style comes naturally to some – others develop a style through conscious effort. Fashion is a means to an end – the end being a certain style. In the words of Quentin Crisp: “Fashion is what you adopt when you don't know who you are”.

What should we keep in mind when purchasing the latest luxury wares?
Remember, the word luxury is derived from the Latin word for ‘excess’. Keep it simple, stylish, authentic – never be excessive.

What are the similarities between fashion and art?
Art is an inspiration for many fashion genres. Romanticism, brutalism, minimalism and many more art forms are reflected in clothing types. Similarly, fashion informs some artistic trends.

What are your thoughts on the Middle East's fashion scene?
The strong national identity of Gulf Nationals is a distinguishing theme. It’s a sophisticated and elegant look and unique to this part of the world. For Western styles, the weather is a defining influence with less layers and lighter colours more prevalent in the Middle East.

How does having a base in London, as well as Dubai, influence your art and fashion aesthetic?
Living in two locations is a great way to experience diverse cultures. As a designer, I am constantly absorbing visual influences from Europe and the Middle East. As a business person – travel connects me to a wider world.

What does Gallery One have in store for the next few months?
Gearing up for the spring season is always a busy and exciting time at Gallery One. We are working on new products from designers Ghiath Lahham and James Dominé, as well a raft of regionally-inspired artworks from Middle Eastern and European artists.