Revisiting Mad Men 10 Years On

Mad Men premiered on 19th July 2007 and is already a decade old. That went quick didn’t it? But it’s easy to forget what a fuss people made about the sartorial element of the show.

If fact, it had gotten to a point – somewhere around season two – where pieces about “Mad Men Style” had become tired and we were all wishing everyone would shut up about it and just watch it.

But now we have a bit of distance from that hype, and it’s over two years since the late episode went out, it’s worth a look back. Not only because it’s ten years old, but because the styles worn in the early seasons are still relevant now.

Rather than waffling on, we just thought we’d present a whole load of pictorial evidence, and yes, now that we’re out of that period of Mad Men hype we can say that it’s still a pretty good template for how to dress for the office. Bookmark this page if you ever need inspiration. 

(And stick around until the end, there’s a treat for you)

Roger did love a three-piece suit. And an afternoon drink.
Really nice suit from Don, big cufflink effort going on too. Nice silver-rimmed glass as well.
Great shot from the very first episode. Not just for what Don's wearing but also his desk.
Nice group shot from season two, everyone looking good here.
Double-breasted pinstripe from Roger with a tie patten that looks like a stock background image for Mid-Century Modern wallpaper, but really works here.
Tie looks good with that knot.
Everyone in this shot is wearing a tie that looks great.
If you're ever thinking of wearing a bow tie to work instead of a regular tie, here's the side by side evidence of why you shouldn't.
Remember when briefcases were a thing? Computers largely killed the need for them.
Shirt,tie,suit combo on the right is great here.
Not all suits have to be navy blue or grey. This one looks the business.
Love the tie with little detail. He's gone big on the cuffs too.
Lots of looks here, some good, some... not. That jacket...
Once again, Pete's done well with the tie, but the bow tie makes you look like you should also be holding a ventriloquist's dummy.
Group shot only let down by Don's socks that make him look like he's wearing stockings under his trousers.
Say what you like about Pete, but he gets his ties right.
Long business lunches on expenses. Isn't that the dream? Can we get that back? Make America Great Again!
Sharp looks all round, even if they do look a bit like they're about to break out into harmonies.
This is the promo shot from season one that was largely circulated. Remember thinking at the time how cool Jon Ham looked in that suit.
This season two promo image is obviously all about the home life drama, but that's a good tie. Pack of Luckys in the top pocket a bit more of a dated look though.
Hamm hat or no Hamm hat? A look best left in that era.
There's something nice about the idea of watching New York go by for ten minutes while you get your shoes shined.
Tuxes are timeless but try not to wear a droopy bow tie like this guy. It's not a timeless look.
This is how you dress when you have a fancy car picking you up for work.
Classic look, strong tie and in the background that's a great Mid-Century modern wall clock.
Check out the cufflink. Pretty cool right?
This is how you wear a pocket square - just a hint of colour matching the shirt.
See? The right watch has to be worn to match the rest. Don's on form in this pic.
Pulling off a green/blue shirt and tie combo.
This pic from season four is everything we liked about the series. Post work drinks (real drinks) in cool bars. Not sure about Roger's pinky ring though.
Actually nice to see a suit that doesn't look like it's too tight.
In case you're wondering, Don's watch is a Rolex Explorer without date (Ref. 114270) and you could pick up a vintage one today for about $4,000
Tuxes done well - stud fasteners and patent leather shoes for when you want to go that bit further with your tux look.
Not sure about Roger's white tie, and triple-peak pocket squares always look a bit try-hard, but Don't on form here.
I wouldn't call the jacket on the right timeless, but he pulls it off with that tie combo.
Great tie. If there's one thing you'll see from all these pics is that the tie game was strong.
Pete's tie detail is three rockets taking off and is perhaps the best Mid-Century modern tie we've ever seen.
Club tie and button-down collar is always a good look. And Christina Hendricks as well, of course...

And that brings us to our promise of a treat. Because obviously we all loved Christina Hendricks in this series here are some promo shots she did that are well worth reminding ourselves about. You're welcome...