The Middle East Features In Steve McCurry’s New Photography Book

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Themed around the topic of animals

You probably know the work of Steve McCurry without even realising it – he is the photographer responsible for ‘Afghan Girl’, the portrait of a young refugee with piercing green eyes and a red head scarf, featured on the cover of National Geographic magazine in 1984. It is arguably one of the most recognisable images of all time.

Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry

But he has photographed so much during his long career, and travelled to many places. In his latest book, Animals, published by Taschen, he collects work that focuses on the animal kingdom, exploring its relationship with humans and the environment.

There are some fantastic shots, and the variety is incredible: a shepherd tends to his goats in Northern Pakistan; elephants in Thailand; Beverly Hills designer dogs. The Middle East has also caught McCurry’s attention, with a camel crossing Jordan’s Wadi Rum; or a horse bewildered in the burning oil fields of Kuwait during the first Gulf War.

McCurry has explored the wider area too, photographing a woman feeding pigeons in Afghanistan; elephants wandering past a five-star hotel in Sri Lanka; and mice kept as pets on the streets of India. The book is part travelogue, part tribute to the creatures we share the planet with.

A 252-page hardcover, the book costs £50 (AED235). It is also available as two signed Art Editions, limited to 100 copies each, costing £2,000 (AED9,416), including a signed print, supplied in a clamshell box.

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