This Stranger Things Lego Set Is Definitely For Kids, Right?

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Based on the hit Netflix show

Head back to the Upside Down with this new Stranger Things Lego set. Based on the scary Netflix show, and clocking in at a whopping 2,287 pieces, you basically get to build the house of Will Byers – the kid who vanished at the start of season one.

But just like Stranger Things itself, this Lego set is not entirely as it seems. Will’s house comes in two variations, both of which are included – you get the regular ‘real world’ version, and also its nightmarish mirror-image equivalent from the alternate reality known as the Upside Down that Will disappeared to. Both houses connect together, with one an eerie reflection of the other.

In the same box, you also get eight recognisable mini figures of characters from the show, each with their own accessories – Will, Eleven (complete with Eggo waffle), Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will’s mother Joyce (played in the show by Winona Ryder), Chief Jim Hopper and the monstrous Demogorgon. Hopper’s police truck and bikes for Will’s friends are included.

The Byers’ house itself is highly detailed. It even has the alphabet wall in the living room created by Will’s mother to communicate with him in the Upside Down, which comes with a light-up function.

Available from Lego stores and online from June 1, the Stranger Things set costs AED730, recommended for ages 16 and over. Stranger Things season three comes to Netflix on July 4.

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