This Vacheron Constantin Minute Repeater Will Be Music To Your Ears

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With a sonic print recorded at Abbey Road

Just before Christmas, Vacheron Constantin released 12 new watches from its Les Cabinotiers artisans, grouped under the title ‘La Musique du Temps’. Each model is hyper-exclusive, limited to just one piece each, with a sonic print recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London.

For classic looks, this Minute Repeater Ultra-Thin would be the model to choose. A repeater is a watch that uses sound to indicate the hours, and the quarters and minutes on request. It originated from a time when only candlelight was available at night, therefore making it difficult to tell the time by sight alone.

With these latest watches, Vacheron Constantin has teamed up with Abbey Road Studios to record an original sonic print, delivered as a unique certificate for each model. A 1731 calibre is housed within, offering a 65-power reserve, and is highly technical, despite its slimness, with a flying strike governor that is entirely silent, tasked with regulating the rate at which the hammers strike the gongs.

To ensure the sound is crystal clear and perfectly harmonious, the gongs are not only connected to the case middle, amplifying the end-result, but superimposed, rather than aligned side by side. The two 18k 5N pink gold cases are designed to form a single entity with the movement, in a composition that incorporates such subtle parameters as the circulation of air between the mechanism and the case to ensure optimal note propagation. The case has also been seamlessly constructed, so that the elements can interact metal to metal, enhancing the sound.

The Minute Repeater Ultra-Thin tops all of this with a Grand Feu enamel dial, featuring an elegant eggshell colour. It’s 41mm in diameter and 8.5mm thick, with a brown alligator leather strap.

Price available on request. If you miss out on the one model, ask to see the other La Musique du Temps watches.


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