Male-Friendly Skincare Products Launch From Alissi Brontë

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The ethical Spanish skincare brand

There are many reasons to invest in quality skincare products – protection from the sun, combating outdoor dirt and pollution, and just generally reducing the effects of ageing and promoting wellbeing. Alissi Brontë is a Spanish brand you may not have considered before, but is one that caters to men as well as women.

What makes its products unique is that they are based on ecological extracts, enabled by science, to provide long-lasting effects. Free from paraben, paraffin and mineral oil, this quality certified brand offers a range of formulas and customised concentrates.

Its male-friendly products include:

Brontë For Men Extreme Confort, AED199

This luxurious formula regenerates and protects, and enhances the skin’s elasticity. It removes signs of ageing and repairs damage from shaving and other external factors. The smooth formula is absorbed easily, with no greasy sensation.

ExtremUVA Extreme Sun Protection Cream 100g, AED119

Suitable for both healthy and damaged skin, this protects against humidity, which can create unfavourable conditions for bacterial growth. It is water-soluble and remains in the skin for longer. This formula is for extreme UVS/UVB protection for normal, combination and inflamed or irritated skin, shielding against harmful UV rays.

Scrub Vitamin C + C Micro-Granulated Peeling, 100g, AED134

A citrus exfoliate that eliminates dead cells, giving added brightness to the skin. The exclusive formula contains natural botanical and mineral exfoliation. It assures a deep cleansing, offering luminosity and uniformity, and minimising skin pores.

D’Luxe DNA Wrinkle Look Reduced 8pcs x 5ml, AED349

Contains biological extracts with antioxidant properties to regenerate and heal damaged skin and acne scars, moisturise, protect against solar rays, stimulate collagen production, and protect against harmful and toxic agents. Additional ingredients such as caviar extract, wheat protein and glycoprotein help to elasticise the skin.

Buy Alissi Brontë products from its flagship store in Dubai Mall, or at the dedicated kiosk in Mirdif City Centre. Also order from the website.

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