Watch Coldplay’s Weekend Concerts At The Amman Citadel In Jordan

For the release of new album Everyday Life

British rock band Coldplay marked the release of their new album, Everyday Life, on Friday with two live YouTube broadcasts, at sunrise and sunset, from the historic Amman Citadel in the capital of Jordan. The sunrise concert began at 4am, and the sunset concert at 2pm, with fans turning up to each.

The album itself is in two halves, called Sunrise and Sunset, and the shows were devised to reflect this. As well as new tracks, the band performed much-loved classics, including ‘Fix You’ and ‘Yellow’. Coldplay returned to the site on the Saturday evening to perform another concert to a much larger crowd.

Watch the sunrise concert above, with the sunset performance here:


The album is available on CD, vinyl, download and stream, with details here. The band has decided not to embark on an international tour to promote its release over environmental concerns, with frontman Chris Martin telling the BBC that concerts need to become more “sustainable” – a free YouTube broadcast to fans worldwide has for now been deemed the most viable option.

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