MB&F’s Brand New Can-Am-Inspired Timepiece

There’s a new watch out from MB&F, and for their latest release – the Horological Machine 8 – Maximilian Büsser and his chums decided to focus on the legendary Can-Am racing series for their inspiration.

Running from 1966 to 1987, the Canadian-American Challenge Cup was an ‘anything-goes’ racing series that threw up some of the most pioneering vehicles in racing history, with unlimited engine sizes, turbocharging, supercharging and largely unrestricted aerodynamics leaving design teams free to express themselves to the maximum.

In tribute to these mavericks of the racing world, the HM8 Can-Am features Can-Am-inspired ‘roll bars’ milled from solid blocks of Grade 5 titanium and hand-polished to gleam like tubular mirrors that sweep from the front of the piece to the back.

Dual optical prisms vertically displaying bi-directional jumping hours and trailing minutes are enclosed in the curvaceous yet angular case, while the brand’s iconic battle-axe winding rotor is visible on top.

As with all the previous Horological Machines, the man responsible for the look of the HM8 is legendary watch designer, Eric Giroud. We had the pleasure of sitting with Mr. Giroud at the exclusive launch in Dubai’s MB&F M.A.D Gallery this week, so keep your eyes peeled for our annual Jewellery & Watches edition (out in November) to read to full interview.