Louis Vuitton's Into The Blue

Louis Vuitton’s expertise as a purveyor of precision timepieces is often overshadowed by the success of its gargantuan fashion lines. However, for those in the know, the maison’s remarkable watchmaking expertise is impeccable; fusing both cutting-edge design and unmatched know-how with the artisanal finesse possessed only by a luxury brand of the finest calibre.

This season is not exempt from Vuitton’s horological genius, as it presents its Escale Spin Time Tourbillon Central Blue timepiece, a creation whose design plays on subtle variations of blue and encompasses the iconic Escale Spin Time case. The display is allowed to work effectively through a fascinating system of 12 rotating cubes, each of which are powered by a customised Louis Vuitton movement. Not resting on their proverbial laurels, the in-house team also integrated a flying tourbillon positioned just in the centre that completes its rotation in one minute; combined with the Spin Time display mechanism, this is a first in watchmaking history.

The luminescent tourbillon carriage also appears to float over the centre of each watch; a product of the sapphire crystal specifically designed to have this effect while keeping the case itself relatively slim. While the blue cubes add to the mystery of the watch – rotating on their individual axis – each of them are meticulously hand-painted to display 24 square geometric flags, which embed the watch with a mercurial capability, often changing the overall look of the dial itself. As a final touch, the watch is stamped with a V-shaped flying tourbillon carriage, a detail used by Gaston Vuitton in 1901 to decorate the brand’s iconic Steamer Bag.