The Watch of Life

If we’re sticking to the facts of the matter, HYT are the mechanical horologists of the future. In fact, that’s exactly what HYT stands for – Hydro Mechanical Horologists. It’s no wonder then that the company that attributes its finest creations to the notion of time as a free-flowing liquid would transfer this complex methodology into its latest timepiece – the H0. During Dubai Watch Week 2017, we had the opportunity to explore this fascinating creation further. Taking the evolution of the brand’s water-based concept one step further, this watch offers an intriguing by-product of science and technology. By carefully merging the continuous movement of a coloured and transparent fluid within a capillary, whose movement is concealed underneath a curved dial, it challenges pre-proposed reactions to measuring both time and space; a celebration of water as a life source and an innovation in microfluidic technology.

While the intricate futurism of the watch’s construction isn’t evident at first glance, a closer observation reveals a return to minimalist design, set in modernism. Details – such as a fraction of the watches bellows visible only through the drop-shape openings in the surface of the dial, the admirable dimensions of the fluid display and the volume of the watch itself; a titanium circle which alludes to a droplet of water and thereby reinforces the principle of space and time being a unified force – are all mesmerising factors that put HYT’s H0 front-row for both collectors of fine watches and the new generation of watch aficionados.