TAG Heuer Limited Edition Autavia

On the 17th November, Jack Heuer is celebrating his 85th birthday, and to commemorate the event, TAG is launching a limited edition of the famous Autavia. Jack created the original model himself, back in 1962, and his mark on the piece has proved to be longstanding and influential. The chronograph made history thanks to its popularity amongst racing drivers in the Sixties, and it’s set to make a comeback. The number 1/1932 of the limited edition will be part of the exceptional timepieces at the auction Heuer Parade, on 11th November, in Geneva. The new reissue, limited to just 1932 precious pieces – in reference to Jack’s birth – are extremely modern, yet hark back to a bygone era; capturing the luxurious spirit of 20th Century motor racing. A self-winding calibre, power reserve of 80 hours, and water resistance up to 100 metres make this creation a black aluminium must-have, complete with silver dial and snailed counters.

Autavia, TAG Heuer