Vacheron Constantin Unveils “World’s Most Complicated Watch”

Anyone who appreciates the minutiae of fine craftsmanship understands that the role of ‘master watchmaker’ ranks among the most precise artisan professions. Not to be outdone, the experts at Vacheron Contantin have taken their work to a whole new level.

Three watchmakers at the Swiss company have undertaken the greatest horological challenge of all time – to handcraft the world’s most complicated watch. Eight years, a record-breaking 57 complications and 2,800 components later, and the Reference 57260 has arrived.  

Designed, developed and painstakingly pieced together at the manufacturer’s Atelier Cabinotiers haute horlogerie workshop, the pocket watch boasts an impressive list of features, most notably a Perpetual Gregorian Calendar, ISO 8601 Financial ‘Business’ Calendar and a triple axis tourbillion.

Celebrating its 260th anniversary this year, Vacheron Contantin’s one-of-a-kind 57260 has been valued upwards of $10 million and comes exactly 10 years after the launch of its Tour de I’lle, the most complicated wristwatch ever made.

If, like us, you’re wondering how the wonderful world of haute horologie will top this achievement, we’re simply not sure. Let’s see what the next decade brings.